Choosing a kitchen counter top

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The design of your kitchen may be the most important part when designing your house since this is the area with the most daily visits by all family members. On your kitchen countertop you prepare and serve food; you clean, cut, cook etc. Thus it could be subject to humidity, scratches, heat, mould and fungi.

The factors to consider when choosing a countertop in addition to the aesthetic part, is its durability and functionality. This choice will be made, taking into consideration your lifestyle and your preferences. You may choose between several materials by evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each.

When deciding keep in mind that some kitchen may combine more than one surface, so if you believe that it matches your design don’t hesitate to combine materials.


Marble is a natural stone and every slab is unique. In general, its colors are more consistent than granite and offer a visual pattern.
Marble creates an elegant and sophisticated feeling, regardless of its finish.
With a soft touch, unparalleled warmth, durability that lasts for ages and a large range of colors, the marble is one of the best choices for kitchen top.


- Classic and timeless 
- Resistant to heat 
- Does not break easily 
- It comes in many different unique colors and variations


Granite is a natural stone comprised of a variety of materials. Granite comes in various colors and each piece is different than the other as it is not man made.
It offers versatility, toughness, and a sleek look. Though it showcases the beauty of natural stone, it is also stain-resistant and requires minimal maintenance.


- Natural beauty
- Resistant to humidity, high temperature and hardship
- Does not change through time
- Easy and simple cleaning 


Technogranite offers unique characteristics like non-porous surface, resistant to scratches and heat and requires almost no maintenance.


- Comes in a many colors and variations 
- Can take many shapes
- Environment friendly, non-toxic
- Resistant to scratches, heat and hardship
- Uniform surface with no openings for dust and humidity
- Allows for large size kitchen tops with no connections needed
- Can be cleaned easily, as it is non-porous the stains are not absorbed
- Resistant to fungi and mildew


Laminam is a ceramic surface with high technological and aesthetic level that offers exceptional performance with many applications.


- Resistant to chemicals
- Resistant to scratching & abrasion
- Resistant to heat & high temperature
- Resistant to thermal shock
- Frost Resistant up to -80ο C.
- Hygienic surface. Suitable for contact with foodstuff
- Resistant to UV lights, no alteration to colours
- Environment friendly
- Stain Resistant
- Resistant to humidity
- Compact surface. No surface porosity (0.1%)


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