Impressive and easy to care Quartz Kitchen Counters

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Quartz or Technogranite is an impressive material with many advantages and should be among your top choices when deciding on a kitchen counter. It is a durable material which comes in a vast range of colours and options.

Engineered quartz can be considered as the style chameleon of countertops. Whether you love modern or traditional, red or white, honed or polished, flecked or patterned, quartz’s myriad options will have you covered. It is easy to maintain, nontoxic and nonallergenic — its advantages are endless.

Engineered quartz or Technogranite as it is otherwise known, is a man-made product which combines selected high-quality natural raw materials with state-of-the-art mixing and molding technologies. This creates a product that combines the creativity of nature and the durability of modern materials.

- Tough like granite
- Impact resistant.
- Durable
- Nonporous - resistant to stains and scratches
- Flex - larger pieces and with fewer joints.
The resin content isn't heat tolerant, so keep your trivets nearby.
Interior and exterior, in private or public projects and in industrial buildings, most often in the form of kitchen and bathroom countertops, pavers, stairs, tiles, etc.
Quartz countertops are nontoxic and nonallergenic for humans. Also several manufacturers offer products with recycled content. For these reasons, many quartz countertop products are certified with “Green Certicicates”.
The surface requires no sealants or waxes (either initially or for ongoing upkeep). Routine cleanup is a breeze with soap and water

 Technistone - A stone made by people for people 

Technistone is the world's leading manufacturer of hardened stone with more than 20 years of history. Technistone is known for its production of highly durable, reliable, exclusive kitchen countertops, but technical stone also finds its application in the form of floor or bathroom tiles.Technistone maintains its headquarters in the heart of Europe, in the Czech Republic and exports to more than 75 countries worldwide on 5 continents.

Technistone is imported by Evpalia in Cyprus and its collections can be viewed at our showroom in Agios Athanasios Industrial Area.
Read more about Technistone here


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