Best Interior Design Trends in 2018

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The new trends in interior design will not only give you more style in your place but will also make it your own heaven on earth. 

Due to our daily routine, we often lose quality time from our lives and at the end of the day we return at a home that we can’t relax in. It is important we should not neglect the appearance of the place that we sleep, eat, relax, live and move around. It does not matter if we live in a home or apartment. What matters is the hours we choose to go there to feel comfortable and warm.

Many of the decoration elements presented below are nothing but new. On the contrary they are classic returning trends which used to be in fashion more than once.  We can easily make significant changes to our home and everyday life.

 1. White shades  

The first thing we think about a place is the colors. The dominant trends in wall coloring this year are the neutral colors, the absolute white, the gray and the pink pastel. We want the smoothest tones on the walls because the bigger part will get the colorful decorative elements. 

 2. Black-White

A favorite color combination loved by many is the contrast of black and white. It can be applied everywhere from fabric (items, pillows, throws) to floors, walls and furniture. Apply this contrast in combination with wood and warm colors to brighten your space or you can just play with black and white only.


   3.  Cement 

The cement claim sits position on interior decoration and is becoming ever so popular. We find it on furniture, decoration, walls, kitchen surfaces and tiles. Cement is an ideal material to warm up a space in combination with other material (wood or warm colors) and to give a different industrial style at your house.

 4. Interior plants

The plants for interior areas is an element that is growing in popularity year after year. The need to reconnect with nature drives more and more people to fill their houses with plants in an effort to eliminate the growing stress in their lives. By adding plants to your space you clean the house atmosphere from negative energy that may surround it. Aside from the space they will lift your mood offering calm and relaxation. Ideal for interior areas are the small plants in pots or bigger plants climbing on walls. It is recommended as the most economical solution to revamp your house.


 5. Wood looking tiles

Wood looking tiles are often chosen for house decoration as they offer high quality and aesthetics as they combine the warmth of wood and the feeling of nature. They can be placed on floors and wall surfaces in all rooms depending on the style you want to give. 

 6. Marble – Wall covering

Wall-mountable marble is a completely different trend that will unleash an indifferent wall to an exclusive luxury in your space. It has a duration in time and will never stop impressing. You can place it in bathrooms, but also on a distinct wall of your house, such as the fireplace wall or a wall with a piece of art. Depending on the marble, the shade and the finish you choose (shiny, matte, etc.), you will also have the appropriate style in your space. The larger the pieces of marble, the more luxurious it will be the effect on the walls of your home. 


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