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Cyprus’s wonderful weather, both in spring and summer months, gives you the pleasure of spending more time outdoors. When nature blooms, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to reformulate their outdoor space. Ideas that will give a feeling of freshness and renewal. Turn your outdoor area into an inviting and elegant space, where will you spend hours of relaxation and fun with friends. There are several options in outdoor floors that you can choose depending on your own style.


 Outdoor ceramic placement areas:

The most common way to use the outdoor ceramic is a corridor or a path. Large outdoor tiles can lead from the street to the front door of the house or around the garden. These are some of the many and various ways of using external tiles:

- External ladders or stairs
- Outdoor patios
- Around the pool
- Outdoor wall tiles
- Parking space

 Features to look for:

- Consider the climate

It is very important to select tiles in accordance with the requirements of the local climate. Your choice depends on the seasonal conditions. The porcelain is one of the materials that fit better in warmer climates.

- Select non-slip Tiles

The leading cause of accidents in a residential area is slippery surfaces. Many times homeowners overlook this critical element, selecting only based on the beauty of the tile. As this is very important for outdoor use, be sure you have selected the tile with high resistance to slipping.

- Water absorption

Even if the tiles are a bid further from the swimming pool, you still have to choose tiles with low water absorption. The lower the rate of absorption, the less prone the ceramics will be in stains and damage.

- Color selection

The first thing to do is to look at the color of the house. This will help you choose what color you would like for the outdoor tiles. Choose colors that either match your space or even colors contrary to this. At the same time, neutral colors like brown, black and gray can easily be combined with each other as well as with all color schemes.

- Match with your home's style

Look for outdoor tiles that match the style of the Interior of the house. This will ensure continuity in the design of both the Interior and exterior space. There are tiles which can be use for interior and outdoors.


There is a great variety in choices of outdoor ceramic either if we put tiles on the terrace, in the garden or the hallway of the house. Look at the requirements for tile that will not only be beautiful to look at, but also temperature changes durable so you get the tiles of your dreams.


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