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Many people need a break from their everyday life, places that would relax them and will "fill" in both senses but also in flavors. The choice of a good restaurant in conjunction with friends and nice atmosphere is ideal for a special day or night.
However, apart from the cuisine, the atmosphere, decoration and layout of the restaurant play an essential role in attracting customers. The following points will help you to give a fresh look at your restaurant.

1. Upgrade the color of the input
The first thing that people see when approaching is the exterior of the restaurant. The first impression is very important as to the brand, but also for the quality of food. The color has a huge impact on how people see and experience things. Therefore the color you choose for your outer space plays an important role. Another important reason is the recognition of the brand by color by up to 80%. Red, for example, has been linked to an increase in hunger. So a timeless bold red door can be a signal for incoming clients to the restaurant. 

 2. Upgraded furniture

The furniture will give your room the atmosphere that you want to share with your clients. If the tables, chairs and other furniture that make up your restaurant give the wrong impression of poor quality, then the customer won’t visit your restaurant again. Upgrading your furniture by repairing the tables and reforming the chairs will greatly contribute to the fine atmosphere of your restaurant.

3. Place a new floor
In a busy restaurant frequent use, stains and spills ruin the floors. You need flooring that is attractive but not often is necessary maintenance. The floor takes the largest amount of space anywhere in the restaurant whether this is the kitchen, the bathroom and even the exterior. The ideal is the placement of large floor surfaces in all rooms (internal and external) in order to enable continuity and uniformity.

 4. Place new lighting

Visiting a restaurant is a sensual experience and part of this experience comes from what you can see. The right lighting will make you stand out from your other culinary competitors. It is one of the most important elements in any interior design as it will give you impressive and unique style in your space. Many restaurants use lighting where the colors of the logo pattern are absorbed by the walls, the roof, the bar, etc.

5. Comfortable bathroom
While you would like to improve the main area of your restaurant, it is very important not to overlook the bathroom. Do not cut your customers' appetite with old dirty bathrooms. Do not forget that this place will be used by almost all customers where a bad image of your bathroom will make a bad look for the whole space. It is important to keep the look and the atmosphere throughout your restaurant at the same level. If you do not want to make a complete renovation of the bathroom, with some elements you can remodel the space with fresh air. Give style and beauty to the bathroom with impressive mirrors, trendy shelves and low light. Apply a classic or more elegant unique style to the bathroom of the restaurant to give you a sense of luxury as part of your gastronomy.

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