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Luxurious, Mysterious and Bold

Onyx is a spongy brittle stone and is best suited for areas without hard ware. Onyx marble is used most often as a fireplace surround; bar top, or as a small island as it transmits light. Other uses include wall cladding, light duty home floors, sinks base, and tables.
This natural stone has gorgeous, translucence, and different colors. The colors of onyx are soft and sumptuous, almost delicate look. The light shades of golden honey, mint greens, and whirl browns will give you romantic feel. There are various bands or lines of complementary color running all thorough the stone contributing to its exclusive color characteristics. Onyx is an image feast for the eyes!

Engage & intrigue with backlit features

This beautiful stone is characterized by its translucence, and could in fact be backlit for remarkable and dramatic effects. It really works wonderful where you could accent the stone and use under lighting or backlighting to draw attention of its transparent qualities.

Onyx Formation

Onyx is formed resulting from water dissolving existing limestone and re-depositing it as a new type of stone known as sinter. In limestone caves, onyx is formed by drip water, in the formation of stalagmites and stalactites. It is quartz crystals fused together into thin layers of stone.

A bid of history

Onyx is a powerful stone. In the original Greek, its name means “claw” and its banded appearance resembles the talons of powerful animals. Amulets of polished red onyx were worn by the Roman Legion, as tribute to Mars, the god of war to give them courage and strength in battle. During the renaissance, Europeans believed onyx to bestow eloquence upon the wearer, and English midwives believed the stone to ease the pain of child birth.

Throughout history, onyx has been prized for jewelry and sculpture, but its beauty and toughness also make it well-suited as a surface. Onyx surfaces exude artistry and sophistication, making a bold statement in any application.

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